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India Face South Africa In International Polo Tournament Midlands

India face South Africa in international polo tournament Midlands

Lions River, KZN Midlands, South Africa in the main game at the Polo Club first international polo tournament in India will face. On May 6th and will be preceded by curtain raisers match-three is set to thrill all the fans and the audience.

“The Indian team to be a home owner and we are happy that this event has been overwhelmed by the level of interest from the public. Both teams will be held on 15-target level and the balance of people with disabilities will allow it to be a close match and fought very hard.” Mark Davies said the South African Polo Association.

5 is representing India in the Indian side golaer five consecutive World Cups – the colonel will be captained by Ravi Rathore. Gaurav Sahgal (4) Salim, Azmi (3) and Siddhant Sharma (3), Ravi Rathore Indian team wants to play next.

“61 st Cavalry Regiment and the Indian Army is composed of completely incredible 1.4 million soldiers active in the world of fighting bodies mounted on. This Elite Corps Commandant Rathore Davies which color most Indian polo players learn riding skills,” he said.

The Ngunis of the day program at 10 a.m. & will start with a curtain raiser between young people who will watch the match between Ankoles. Children of current and former international school teams will play at noon before the big event.

The match between India and South Africa will begin and end in 15 hours at 20 of 936 hours, and live band performance will follow.

Davies l Rathore, Commandant,” he said.

Exciting and exciting international polo KwaZulu Natal Midlands region in May of this year, 6 will be. The South African Polo Association Sunday 6 May 2018 TU Midlands International Polo Day full of action at the Lions River Polo Club against a team from India to play the opening he invited the team with 15 goals. This date is a day earlier, on Saturday 5 May, which will be held at the Hilton vs Michael house Rugby Michael’s extremely popular My roommates clash, was chosen to coincide with. This will be a day of fun-filled entertainment that promises international and exciting. The day South African stars who will be in the future, which is exhibited in the young generation the Polo 10: 00 a.m. and will start with the match between Elands bushbuks children. 11h00 12h00 keeping with competition between the teams this weekend and then ankol Hilton vs Michael house and Nguni curtain raiser curtain raiser will be a match to watch a polo match. The most important match between South Africa and India which will be followed by prize giving will take place at 13h30. The result of giving the prize to end a fantastic day of polo and fun-playing for a few hours, dan (Angus) will be a live band.

Tickets can be purchased at the gates in the form of ten day, picnic sites, or sold for general access are available. These details can be seen below. Are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, but (below) the current public catering on the day, coffee and there will be an open bar.

TU Polo Association to support this event Grindrod Bank, Jonsson Workwear I want to thank Jaguar Land Rover and SMG Pietermaritzburg.

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