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iPhone Information

of Apple Inc iPhone is a product. There is a line internet and Multimedia smart features active. Made its debut on 9 January 2007. There are yet four generations. With them, four operating systems, specifically developed for use with the iPhone at the same time is started. For these operating systems are iOS, the iPhone operating system is called meaning.

Called the original iPhone first generation had a touch screen interface. The screen size and button placement, with a similar interface, thus is retained in the new version. IPhone 3G called the iPhone 3G cellular network capabilities and A GPS location of the second generation of features.

IPhone is known as a third-generation advanced performance capabilities and a high resolution camera and a compass, and came with a high speed processor. 4 the fourth generation FaceTime video calling, the iPhone has great features; high mega pixel camera, high-definition video images and exciting new feature.

All versions of the iPhone functioning as a camera phone, as well as a media player, internet access, Wi-Fi connectivity and visual voicemail have. An enclosure that is similar to the settings of the Apple iPhone interface design, a single button with a large touch screen and virtual keyboard along with the facility. IPhone users GPS navigation, social networking, television programs and movies for a variety of applications such as games, etc., including different third-party applications through Apple’s App Store you can download. This is the 200,000+ apps all has been approved by Apple Inc.

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