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President Barack Obama

If you live anywhere on this planet, of course, I heard the news that President Barack Obama wants to be. Though never an end will be visible long presidential campaign is finally over. The first duel, except among themselves, the Democrats and then, but never the news media, a, right, right, political experts first announced his candidacy two years ago when, I guess, Barack Obama managed to secure a stunning victory for supremacy of the red and blue states, each was competing.

This special issue, we review some valuable lessons we can learn from U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign.

Establish who is your target audience and structuring a campaign across to their target audience made the first move, the Obama campaign, first and foremost. Instead, instead of trying to be all things to all people, and the U.S. 100% of the population attempting to reach the focus and the target audience of this game is 100% how it was. Know what is the preferred communication channel means and consistently using it, and then, intense drives for these voters to the polls — or do we say in the language of business: sales closing.

Most importantly, the people remained from the beginning to the end and created a message that it wants to connect to people in the way who is connected with anyone, anywhere, internet addicts and BlackBerry-tech era remained high making.

Planning for success.

If Obama/Biden campaign, if you follow you’ll have noticed that everything is well prepared. Pre-victory week to celebrate the moment, the results have been announced (which) thank you for the winning ticket for their website page to prepare a large arena, victory everything planned, prepared, and to earn a contingent in place was written into the script.

Doesn’t leave a message.

The Obama campaign “Yes we need” change we can began with the message from the first day and stuck with it. Along the front used to defeat Hillary Clinton, and John McCain to defeat when needed and left a message. Even if the circumstances have changed, issues have changed and things have changed around the world, the message has stayed the same; of course, can be expanded to solve the problems at hand, but all is consistent throughout.

Is connecting with people.

The Obama campaign, introducing millions of Americans who never voted before, young recognizes the importance of the voting process. Researchers have established that long days placing yard signs. In today’s day and age, young people, the internet, mobile phones and social networks addicted. The Obama campaign accepted this media very successfully. Some analysts have him tell me what happened in the elections. While continuing to record, stating that McCain didn’t know how to use E-mail, and the messages to follow the Obama campaign web site was getting millions of dollars from millions of people is winning.

Some of the modern tools that are used in a quite successful way for the Obama campaign include:

Web site: so far excels. More information what is the site of Obama in a friendly way and it’s too far.


Blog more formal and stilted, Unlike a website, a blog for people to get in touch with informal, personal and comfortable way. A friendly, conversational manner is a simple way to get the message, and any business or organization must have a blog of their own.

A tool that would allow supporters to create their web page highlighted local events, contact undecided voters who gave the information in the local area, and provided a venue for a personal blog. Me.Barack Obama had more than a million members, exponentially Barack Obama “brand”increase the exposure.


In the not too distant past, the only option to show a visual message of what they can buy advertising space. Enter YouTube circa 2008. The Obama campaign has 1,823 uploaded videos, subscribers and followers at last count and had 135,543. Contrast this with the McCain campaign 330 in the same period only one video uploaded.

A new idea is something I had never seen before and Obama now that YouTube profile Link “and even added a donation.”

MySpace friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and an interactive user-submitted network, which offers a social networking site. Narrow field of popular social networking site, MySpace attracts a younger demographic the lion’s share of.

Among other things, Obama’s MySpace page soon joined themselves to college, but a professional résumé that is less relevant to a young audience, a young lists colleges that interest went.


Obama’s agenda for business owners and professionals a complete resume and a short summary of this web site posted. a letter to members of the business in a manner or broadcast your professional profile, acquaintances and potential mates, and offers connections with other professionals.

Facebook MySpace is a social networking site. The site is popular with college students a little more conservative and has a base member. Obama garnered more than 3 million Facebook fans.


Person a new social networking tools, Twitter, members, followers ‘that are sent to mobile phones called “tweets” throughout the day with little knowledge of says’ followers ‘provides an update of. Barack Obama had more than 130,000 Twitter followers.


It was used to broadcast text messages during the Obama campaign. Different states have general and private text messages and more cities adapt to those who are targeted with a personal letter creating localized messages.

– Oriented, message, connect the way they want to be communicated with and stay with our target audience that we need to make sure that I don’t think is planning to run for office, but I know you have, and take away from all this.

Onward and upward,

Meny Hoffman

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